Monday, July 30, 2012

Look Who I Ran Into Shopping!!

Yep, while shopping In Memento Mall, Sara Douglas was in there shopping too!  This is one of the co-founder's (Shelli Gardner) daughters.  She was so sweet and has a beautiful smile too!  Thanks Sara for taking the time to have your picture taken with me!               Mary


Margaret said...

She looks so much like her mom. Fabulous photo. Hope you got some good stuff.

Chanda said...

OMGosh! How exciting! You sure got around a lot more than I did at convention! When I went I was with other gals, so I kinda did what they did. Then at night, I spent it with my family since they tagged along without asking, lol! If there's ever a next time, I'm going to branch out more like you did! Or maybe we'll be together! :)