Saturday, September 8, 2012

Miss Tilly

Hi everyone, hope you had a great Saturday! It was wonderful here in the Midwest.

No card today but I did want to share a picture of our house guest who came to visit us last night.  Her name is Tilly and she is the house dog for Sunrise Of Leawood, a senior living facility where my daughter works.  Tilly is so sweet, so my husband and I call her Sweet Pea!  Tilly was having a ruff afternoon yesterday, so my daughters' boss asked her to see if Tilly could go and spend the week-end with "Grandma".  Sure Sweet Pea can come anytime, all of the dogs get along really well.  Tilly has some arthritic issues and also a heart problem, so they like for her to get into a home environment every so often.  I can't believe the animal shelter they rescued her from found her roaming the streets, who could do that to such a sweet, wonderful dog?!

Well enough for now, hope to see you again soon!                Mary

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Chanda said...

Awwwwww, she's just precious!!! I was thinking you got a new doggie at first! She's so cuuuute! And yes, i caught your little play on words there, 'ruff day', LOL! Good one! I bet she loved it at your house!