Monday, September 2, 2013

Butterfly Card

Well, long time no see!  So sorry to be missing lately, our internet cable got cut and we have been without internet since Thursday afternoon!  Talk about withdrawals, I've been hopping all over town going to places with free Wi-Fi trying to keep up with my e-mail.  Today, which is Sunday, I'm at McDonald's using their service, so I will not be able to give you all the ingredients that I used for these  cards because I forgot to bring my catalog with me, sorry about that.  I will share the video link HERE for cutting this cute card out with.  These are two cards that I'm donating to an auction, hope they like them.

Hope we get our internet back soon,  Mary

LNS Treasure Hunt Fall 2013


Dee in N.H. said...

Wow, I love them both! The colors and the butterflies are awesome! Hope you get your internet back soon!

Donna said...

These are beautiful! I've been wanting to make these, maybe I'll actually get some done today!

Thank you for sharing - I sure hope your internet is back soon. I'd be in withdrawals too!