Sunday, June 6, 2010

College Team Rag Quilt Tote

I want to share with you today the rag quilt tote that I made for my daughters' boss. Her boss attended Kansas State, she is a huge fan of the school! My daughter requested that I make a bigger size for her, so that if she needed to bring things to work she would have something larger to carry it in. On this tote, I made pockets on the inside for her to be able to put small or loose items in. I had some leftover material so I made her a matching pin that she could wear if she wanted to.

In the picture above you can see the matching pin that I made. I also sewed Velcro by the handles on each side so she could fasten it shut. The pin was made using Stampin' Up flower foldz die. I cover the buttons, which is a very easy thing to do!


Chanda Stehlik said...

This is so cute! I just love the little flower you made to go with it!

thescrapmaster said...

This is really beautiful!!

I just wanted to say that it is so funny that we both have 5 doggies in the family!! Mine are in my blog sidebar too :O)

Helen said...

Wow, five dogs, Phew!!!

The rag purse is lovely. Love the color and the pattern.

Mary said...

Yep, I agree, five is alot but only three live in my house, the other two (Lucy and Montgomery) live with their owners! But they do live to come an visit too!