Monday, June 14, 2010

Fourth of July Card's official, I need an ark!! We had another thunderstorm last night and had an additional 3.7 inches of rain with more coming tonight! We've had 11 inches of rain in six days!! There is alot of flooding happening around town too.

Here is a fourth of July card that I made for two of my friends who live in assisted living. I hope that by sending them cards each month that it brightens their day. I got the two stamps at Archiver's. Now I need to make my dads' father's day card and than his birthday is three days later. I'm having him and mom over for a simple bb-q on Sunday....hope the rain shuts off for a week, but it sure doesn't look like it from the long range forecast.



jimlynn said...

What a wonderful card! Oh, and send some of that rain (not all of it) to Texas! We need a little.

Chanda Stehlik said...

How sweet of you to send them cards each month! I'm sure that makes them so happy! They need that little something to look forward to.

And don't send any of your rain this way either, missy. We've had enough, too! Probably not as much as you've had though!