Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lovely As A Tree

Happy New Years to all of you!  I hope you are feeling chipper this morning and no ill affect from a night of celebrating!

Ok, you are probably wondering why I'm sharing this card again, when I just posted it HERE.  Well, my friend since high school shares the same birthdate as me, December 10th and I didn't want to send her a Christmas card as a birthday card, so I just changed the sentiment for this card and I think it turned out lovely!

I would have posted this a lot sooner, but they are digging in our neighborhood for Google Fiber and they cut our internet cable.  Well that's not so bad, but for some reason it really messed up my computer and I just recently, after trying many things, called for help and got everything all fixed.  Boy I'm so glad too!

I wish you all a Happy, healthy New Year too!!!  Mary

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