Friday, August 3, 2012

Today I want to share a picture of my three new friends whom I meet at the hotel where we were staying! They were nice enough to let me become a part of their group and we had alot of fun too!! From left to right: Patti Miller, Anne Venci and Caron Carbone. Patti and Anne live in KY and Caron lives in DE. We've all agree to do a monthly swap between the three of us and can't wait to receive their wonderful cards in the mail each month too!

This picture was taken at Stampin' Up!, the pick line, behind them, is where they fill the orders. It was cool to be able to tour the Riverton facility and to see where all the ideas happen and also to see Demo Support too! While there I also was able to talk to fellow demo, Lee Conrey!! What a sweet lady she is and she won the Heart of Stampin' Up! award just a few nights later. I'm sorry that I didn't get my picture with her, maybe next year!      Mary

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Chanda said...

Well, aren't you just little miss social these days!!!! I'm so happy you had people to hang out with there! I was feeling so guilty that I couldn't attend with you! I'm so happy you're staying in touch with those gals!